Costco South East Road Trip: Week 1 on the Road!

March 13, 2018

Costco South East Road Trip: Week 1 on the Road!

This road trip has been a massive success - and I can't believe we have already finished one leg of our trip. Tomorrow we head to Durham, NC, but first, let me give you a look into what our past few days have looked like! 

After Rhett and I flew into Knoxville, TN on Thursday, Josh's sister Izzy (Elizabeth), picked us up from the airport. (I have to include pics of Rhett on the plane because he's just so darn cute). 

Josh, Ryan (our Director of sales), and Brendan (Izzy's BF), were out spreading the word about Maple Butter by door knocking and handing out flyers, popping into local restaurants to tell them to use Maple Butter in their menu and leaving samples, you get the idea!

On Friday morning we were all up by 7 AM. Josh, Brendan, and Ryan were at Costco by 8 to set up and I arrived at 9.

Our set up is pretty sweet - we have a customized tent, table cloth, and SO many samples to hand out. 

We even have a snapchat filter! :) 

We had to receive a certification from Costco to handle food - so we were all free to hand out samples. The team prepped the maple butter to sample on freshly toasted english muffins, apple slices, and pretzel sticks. These options give customers different choices and ideas regarding what maple butter can be eaten on - we really have enjoyed providing so many options even though it is more of a hassle to prep.

Finally, on Friday, August 18 at 10 AM, the doors opened and we began our first ever Costco Roadshow. Woo hoo! It was so exciting to introduce new customers to something they had never heard of before. I can't tell you how many times we said "Would you like to try some maple butter?" And their response was, "Maple what?" 

After explaining what it was, what it could be used for, and how good it was for you (being a natural sugar and all) the customer more times than not said something like, "Wow! That's delicious! Put one in my cart!"

And each time, we were ecstatic. 

There is no better feeling than showing a potential customer what we've worked so hard to create and how much it can benefit their lives. Kids begging their parents for it, parents asking their kids if they would eat it in their lunch, older couples discussing how they'll use it in their dinner that night, a mom putting 3 containers in her cart for her children at home - these are experiences that push our team to continue.  

The men, women, and children walking through those Costco doors are not simply potential customers, but instead are people that we have wanted to share maple butter with for a long time and it is so exciting to finally make that connection. And once they purchase our product, they become apart of our Parker Maple family and apart of our story. 

The second day was the busiest - because it was Saturday! We sold so many maple butters. Izzy and I were able to switch off at the demo so that I could look after Rhett during the day as well. 

That night we went and grabbed a quick dinner because Costco closes at 6 PM on the weekends and we all hit the hay around 9 PM. 

Sunday was busy as well - and we were able to sell so much more maple butter! Josh was just giddy at this point. It is so inspiring to me to watch him tell strangers about our product, our story, and why they need real maple in their lives. He isn't simply trying to sell them something, he's sharing his passion with them. The shock on people's faces when he says "I started this company when I was 15," never gets old. He has so much to be proud of but continues to be humble and hustle every singe day. 

Today is our last day here in TN and we could not have asked for a better start. I want to thank everyone who both tasted and bought our maple butter! We can't wait to see the creative ways that you use yours. The best idea I heard this weekend was on a banana split - I will have to try that one when we get home! :) 

Now, on to Durham!  

Originally published August 21, 2017

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