Walmart: How it Happened

Walmart: How it Happened

Alee Parker3 comments
Selling Syrup at Walmart

...has always been my dream. Since beginning Parker's Maple, I've been convinced that people across the country deserve high quality, great tasting maple syrup just like I grew up buying (and selling) from farm stands in Upstate NY. 

In order to achieve this, I knew we needed to look beyond just exclusively natural grocers and make authentic, thick & rich maple syrup available where most Americans (including my family) shop. 

Where better to achieve this than the largest retailer in the world?

This week marks a big step in our journey to share more maple, with more people, in more ways: 

Parker's Maple Syrup is now available at
nearly 3,000 Walmart locations nationwide!

There is a bit of a personal backstory with Walmart that I think is worth sharing. When I was four years old the three companies that my parents had started together began to really struggle. This was especially hard on my dad who was trying to support our family with his, then small, local parking lot painting company. 
In the midst of this struggle, my dad received his first contract with Walmart to paint their parking lots. This immediately allowed him to support my sisters and me while helping him, over time, to become the largest parking lot painting company in the country.

Had my dad not had the ability to help his 15-year-old son get started, I would not be writing this email. Without Walmart, Parker's Maple would not exist. Without Walmart, I would not be achieving my American Dream.

So, it has always been my goal to work with Walmart. And now we have our chance! 

I'd appreciate if you would support us by picking up Parker's Maple at your nearest Walmart! Send me a note once you do:
I look forward to continuing to bring you the best nature has to offer!



Bethany Goff
Bethany Goff
I just picked up my first can of Parker’s Maple at Walmart today! I’m very excited to try it in the morning, and am fascinated with your story. To be honest, I had never heard of you before I saw your product on the shelf at Walmart as I was looking for maple syrup I could afford (I use it every day as part of my extremely restricted diet, so I go through a lot!). What drew me to purchase your brand over any other was what is written under your name: John 15:5. Can you tell me about that and what it means to you? I would love to hear about it!
Louise Horesovsky
Louise Horesovsky
Followed your story from beginning of its being available! Bought our first Parker’s Maple Syrup at the Ollie’s store in Waycross, GA. Nowadays we find it in Walmart in our former hometown of Lake City, FL, and in our retirement town of Jesup, GA. You go, Parkers ! Many blessings to you and your families… personal and maple syrup bunch of fans. Honor Him for His graciousness to you!
This is awesome!

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