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Joshua's Mentors

Nathan Sheets, Nature Nate's Honey Founder & CEO
Mr. Sheets purchased North Dallas Honey Company in 1997 and in 2010 transformed the business into Nature Nate's - a revolutionary honey company. Mr. Sheets has a background in ministry, having ventured on over 100 mission trips, and uses his passion for ministry as a light in business. 
Mr. Sheets has mentored Joshua in innovation, strategic growth, and Godly leadership.

Jean Spence, R&D and Quality Executive Vice President, Kraft Foods Group / Mondelez International

Ms. Spence worked as an Executive VP of Research and Development for Kraft Foods (1981-2012) & Mondelez Int. (1981-2015). She is now a Board of Trustee of Clarkson University.

Ms. Spence has mentored Joshua through developing innovative products / food safety.

Michael Farrell, PhD., Maple Specialist, Cornell University

Mr. Farrell joined Cornell’s Dept. of Natural Resources in 2004. Since then, he has been a leading force in maple research and has recently published his book, The Sugarmaker's Companion.

Mr. Farrell has mentored Joshua in designing, growing, and expanding Parker’s Maple since 2013. 


Erin Draper, MBA., Executive Director, Reh Center for Entrepreneurship, Clarkson University

Ms. Draper has extensive experience in helping companies grow from infancy through sustainable growth to becoming established enterprises.

Ms. Draper has mentored Joshua through using modern tools & methods to truly monitor and assess growth opportunities.

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