Our Team

Joshua Parker - 18
CEO / Founder 

When I was 11 years old I went on a school field trip to learn how maple syrup is made. Where I expected to find a fun afternoon, I found something else entirely- I found a passion for making maple syrup. 

Four years later I turned my passion into a real business and began sharing my real maple products with as many people as I could.

Over the course of the next few years I expanded the Parker's Maple brand and production capacity to meet a growing demand. 

In June of 2015 I was immensely blessed to join Glenn Beck for a 20-minute one on one, live interview on his nationally syndicated radio show. This event propelled the company forward in a way no other single event had. By the end of the year Parker's Maple could officially be found in over 550 stores nationally. 

This was only the beginning. The company had been transformed into a highly agile, innovative, and entrepreneurial food company destined for huge market success. 

Please meet a few of the people who helped in taking the giant leap from a maple syrup company to a real food company:



Board of Advisors



Michael Farrell, PhD., Maple Specialist, Cornell University

Mr. Farrell joined Cornell’s Dept. of Natural Resources in 2004. Since then, he has been a leading force in maple research and has recently published his book, The Sugarmaker's Companion.

Mr. Farrell has mentored Joshua in designing, growing,

and expanding Parker’s Maple since 2013.


Jean Spence, R&D and Quality Executive Vice President, Kraft Foods Group / Mondelez International

Ms. Spence worked as an Executive VP of Research and Development for Kraft Foods (1981-2012) & Mondelez Int. (1981-2015). She is now a Board of Trustee of Clarkson University.

Ms. Spence has mentored Joshua through developing innovative products / food safety.



Paolo Cugnasca, Managing Director / Founder, Emcor Financials

Mr. Cugnasca founded Emcor Financials in 1979 in order to help corporate decision-makers & entrepreneurs with strategic issues regarding management, governance, and risk management.

Mr. Cugnasca has mentored Joshua in expanding, raising capital, and making / managing strategic decisions.


Erin Draper, MBA., Executive Director, Reh Center for Entrepreneurship, Clarkson University

Ms. Draper has extensive experience in helping companies grow from infancy through sustainable growth to becoming established enterprises.

Ms. Draper has mentored Joshua through using modern tools & methods to truly monitor and assess growth opportunities.


Matthew Draper, MBA., Executive Director, Shipley Center for Innovation, Clarkson University

Mr. Draper has uses his engineering / business background to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and engineers to encourage innovation.

Mr. Draper has mentored Joshua through the technical side of innovating processes / products.