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"For lovers of all things maple, here’s a new one, and it’s a winner. This is cotton candy for grown-ups. "
If you like cotton candy and maple syrup, you and your sweet tooth are in luck
Boston Globe - September 10, 2018
"A jar of maple butter you'll want to put on everything you eat and possibly bathe in because it's just THAT good."
Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now
Buzzfeed - November 10, 2017
Parker's Real Maple appears on Shark Tank
Shark Tank
"It's not how most 16-year-olds spend their time, crunching through the last snow cover of spring amidst an elaborate system of tubing, capturing one of nature's sweetest gifts."
NY teen entrepreneur taps maple syrup profits
Fox News
"You see all of these products, whether it’s yogurt, ice cream, maple water, or granola or anything. Everyone is touting maple syrup as this health food, which it is. People don’t want to eat fake, processed sugars any more. They want something that’s natural and wholesome and has antioxidants, something that has a lower glycemic index than white sugar."
Parker’s Real Maple producing maple butter, cotton candy in new facility
Ogdensburg Journal
""Going down there is going to give us the opportunity to actually make the orders that we could be fulfilling now and create the jobs that we could be creating now and bring the company to the next level.” - Josh Parker"
Parker's Real Maple expands into Canton IDA facility
Watertown Daily Times
""Although he did not get a deal on the show, that did not hinder his company’s growth right after the Tank aired.""
Parker's Real Maple after Shark Tank
"This week on Shark Tank, 18-year-old Joshua Parker, of Canton, New York dips a toe or two into the tank with the hope of convincing at least one Shark to invest in his maple syrup business: Parker’s Real Maple."
Parker's Real Maple owner Joshua Parker feeds The Sharks
Chew Boom
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I simply cannot say enough good things about this company and its products! A friend shared the cotton candy with me at work, and I was blown away. I saw someone else comment about the toasted marshmallow flavor, and they're right! You know that delicious marshmallow flavor when you bite into a s'more? Bingo! It tastes just like that - yum! Did I mention that the whole canister is only 114 calories? Wow! I quickly placed an order of my own and gave the cotton candy, syrup and maple butter as Christmas gifts. Everyone loved them! The syrup has a wonderful maple flavor, and the maple butter is heaven on a biscuit...or on a toasted english muffin, or drizzled in oatmeal. Truly excellent products!!!"
Amy Madden
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"3 words: Maple. Cotton. Candy. Not overly sweet (very happy about that), but possesses the same melt in your mouth lusciousness as the traditional kind. I will be back to sample your entire superior product line!"
Bre Noland
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Recently placed an order for maple butter. When we got the butter the fresh seal wasn't fully down. I emailed, and got a response within HOURS! They sent me a new, larger maple butter right away. Mistakes happen- it's how you handle them that shows character- and this business is amazing! Thank you for being an example of great customer service- it's far too rare."
Amy Clark
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