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I simply cannot say enough good things about this company and its products! A friend shared the cotton candy with me at work, and I was blown away. I saw someone else comment about the toasted marshmallow flavor, and they're right! You know that delicious marshmallow flavor when you bite into a s'more? Bingo! It tastes just like that - yum! Did I mention that the whole canister is only 114 calories? Wow! I quickly placed an order of my own and gave the cotton candy, syrup and maple butter as Christmas gifts. Everyone loved them! The syrup has a wonderful maple flavor, and the maple butter is heaven on a biscuit...or on a toasted english muffin, or drizzled in oatmeal. Truly excellent products!!!

Amy Madden

3 words: Maple. Cotton. Candy. Not overly sweet (very happy about that), but possesses the same melt in your mouth lusciousness as the traditional kind. I will be back to sample your entire superior product line!

Bre Noland

Recently placed an order for maple butter. When we got the butter the fresh seal wasn't fully down. I emailed, and got a response within HOURS! They sent me a new, larger maple butter right away. Mistakes happen- it's how you handle them that shows character- and this business is amazing! Thank you for being an example of great customer service- it's far too rare.

Amy Clark


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