Our Mission

We know how easy it is to get caught up in the day to day, mundane tasks that have to get done. Whether it's your long morning commute, the loads of laundry that have to get done, the dinners cooked and dishes done daily, the long lists of tasks your boss gave you, or the small time you have left for yourself at the end of each day — we have all been there before. We also know that when you're caught up in the grind, you lose sight of the beautiful life there is to live.

There's a beauty in believing in the impossible, and we want to believe right along with you. 

We are convinced that real maple is made for more than just breakfast. When Joshua started this company when he was 15, he believed in the impossible, and looking back, has been able to change the maple industry one product at a time.  

We are inspired every day to push beyond our comfort zones to find the inherent beauty in something undiscovered and magnificent. We are inspired to show you all of the different ways maple can be used — and view you as our family, on this journey with us. 

We are also convinced that we are all made for more than just mediocrity. We strive to seek more from our products, our families, and our lives. 

We believe in pushing the boundaries to find the ultimate good, the ultimate great, that brings us to who we were all created to be. We believe that there's inherent goodness in pushing yourself further than you thought imaginable, and then looking back on what you accomplished with courage, proudness, and humility. 

We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities where we as a company and us as individuals can live out our Made for More Mission.

What does this look like for us?

Joshua is very active in our local community and our local college’s Entrepreneurial department. He judges entrepreneur competitions and advises students who are looking to or already have taken the leap to start their own company.

We wanted to make sure everyone in our small town could try our Maple Cotton Candy, and so last fall, every single house in town received a free Cotton Candy!


Two years ago, we were able to donate all of our profits for an entire week to the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey.

We are inspired to do more and be more, and are excited about what we have planned this coming year. Please be on the lookout, and join us, as we push to be made for more!  


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