The Origin of Parker's Real Maple

Joshua Parker was only 11 years old when he ventured on a school field trip in the northern countryside of New York to learn how maple syrup was made… and the rest they say is history.

After years of making maple syrup in small batches, learning more about the industry and product itself, and at just 15 years of age, Joshua started his own maple business - Parker’s Real Maple.
Proving itself as a company known for its innovation, in early 2016 Parker’s Real Maple launched Maple Butter and Organic Maple Cotton Candy and in October 2016, Joshua pitched to the Sharks on Shark Tank.
In 2017, Parker’s Real Maple launched into its first big name stores like Costco and Whole Foods Market.
Now married, Joshua and his wife Alessandra Parker are on a mission to spread more of the real goodness of maple to more people in more ways!