The Story of Parker's Real Maple

When I produced my first bottle of Parker’s 100% Real Maple Syrup as an 11-year old in 2009, I saw a day when it would cover the earth—okay, just most pancakes & waffles in America. Parker’s real maple butter and real maple cotton candy soon followed, and I knew they must be shared.

 Allow me to take you on a journey through my past 7 years.
Challenges have been frequent- but, with the help of family, friends, and perhaps some luck Parker's Real Maple has been able to spread more real maple year after year.

2009: The Beginning

Shortly after going on a school field trip where I learned how to make maple syrup, this is me. Yes that is right, in a shack made of 2 posts, 2 maple trees, 3 tarps and a few pieces of plywood is where my rather strange obsession with maple began. 

2012: Growing, slowly.

Three years later and clear progress. In a building, cement floors, bigger boiling evaporator- But, it still took 12 hours to boil one gallon of real maple syrup. I had a lot of time to read and dream of what was to come..

2013-2014: A leap of Faith

This was the year my dreams began to turn into a reality. I raised my first round of capital and began producing the syrup needed for national demand. School, sports, and syrup were balanced with many long days and sleepless nights.

2015: A real food company

Temporarily away from flannel jackets, it was in this year that Parker's Maple finally got the boost it needed. I was amazingly blessed to join Glenn Beck on his nationally syndicated radio show for a 20 minute live, one-on-one interview.  Six months later Parker's could be found in 500+ stores and people in 50 states and four countries had enjoyed our product. It was a good year. 

2016: The greatest year yet.


The 2016 year has been one of transition for me and Parker's Real Maple. Progress is being made, innovative products are succeeding, and more people than ever are enjoying the delicious high energy super food. I look forward to keeping you updated through the exciting journey of what is yet to come..