Real Maple Cotton Candy

Real Maple Cotton Candy

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114 calories of real delicious-ness. 

Life is better with more real maple.. or, at least we think so. We have made it easier than ever to eat the high energy super food. 


Try to find a full-sized snack that is nearly 100 calories and you will find a browser full of bland, unappealing "health-food." Parker's Organic Real Maple Cotton Candy is a direct response to this. Made with real cane sugar and real maple sugar, this mega-sized snack rings in at only 114 calories of delicious, smooth, not too sweet, 100% real good-ness your taste buds will never forget. 

Make Parker's Maple Cotton Candy your school snack!

Satisfy your sweet tooth - and feel good about it!

Having 4 maple cotton candies in this specially designed multi-pack makes it easier than ever to make this an everyday snack for you or your child! Big enough to share, but we doubt you'll want to. 

Send your kids to school with Parker's! Thousands of others are doing it. 

Loved by kids and Adults

Any adult with a sweet tooth (who doesn't have one?) knows how difficult it is to find a natural, delicious, low-calorie snack that satisfies your craving. Parker's Real Maple Cotton Candy can do that. 

Approved by thousands of kids -- and their parents! 

This year alone tens of thousands of kids have enjoyed Parker's Real Maple Cotton Candy as a healthy snack in their lunch, after school, or as just a nice treat! 




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